Hello, I am Marc Fonts, I’ve been working as a clown for 25 years.
I have a Diploma from the Jacques Lecoq School in Paris (1991-93).
I have performed for 22 years with the clown company Teatre Mòbil, creating 10 original shows, giving 3,000 performances!
I have recently created my own company: Morc Fants. My first one man show is called “Vist-i-Plou".
I have run clown courses in various schools in Barcelona, including Estudis de Teatre (Berty Tovías), Col·legi de Teatre, Escola de Circ Rogelio Rivel, La Casona, Ateneu 9B.
My teaching is a combination of my experience as a clown and my desire to share what I have discovered. My aim is to help workshop participants find their clown and create clown sketches.
I am inspired by the clowns we find in the theatre, on the street and in the circus.

NEW! in autumn come "les bouffons"!!!!

REGULAR We will soon publish new autumn courses
We will explore the basics of clowning: the emotions, the importance of failure, following our impulses, rhythm, misunderstandings and playing directly with the audience. We will also look at some slapstick and acrobatics. An introspective trip of a few weeks, revealing, fun, useful!

A TASTE OF CLOWN We will soon publish new autumn courses
For absolut beginners. Let's fun and discover how innocents we are.

BASIC INTENSIVE We will soon publish new autumn courses
An intensive clown workshop that will reveal the myth of clowning.
Emotions, states, movement, body, technique.
Contents of the regular course but with the intensity of 4 days of search, fun and knowledge.

COMPLETE INTENSIVE We will soon publish new autumn courses
For those who have done some clowning and are keen to explore further We will explore playing together with other clowns. 
Families, instruments and music. We will focus on creating clown numbers and routines without forgetting the basics of the simple art of clowning.

PROFESSIONAL INTENSIVE We will soon publish new autumn courses
For students with experience as a clown or as a clown student who wish to know specific aspects for the conclusion of clown sketches.
Guide, experimentation, staging, external elements (construction, costumes ...)